The linguistic situation in Gotland today

The bitter truth, for the language at least, is that we have had a major influx of Swedish speaking immigrants the last 15 years. At the same time we have had a large emigration and also a generation shift especially when it comes to farming, which has always been the backbone of the Gutnish language.

I quickly made some calculations over how many Gutnish speaking persons there were in a random chosen parish in the south of Gotland. In 1995 there was about 12% of the entire population in that parish that spoke Gutnish as there everyday language. Some perhaps mixed it little bit more with Swedish, but in general all spoke Gutnish as the basic language and all had it as there mother tongue. Furthermore, there was probably around another 10% that had the language as there mother tongue and are able to speak but do not for some reason. Another 20% or so are brought up with the language and understand it fully (more or less). A lot of those probably can speak Gutnish fairly well. I will have to go over these numbers again, because it seems like 60% is an awful high number not to speak or understand Gutnish in 1995.

In 2013 I would say there is about 4-5% native speakers that use the language regulary. Though with these low numbers and also a lot of non gutnish people moving in it is more difficult to uphold your own language.




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